Work Challenge Survey 2021


We asked IT Managers and Talent Acquisition Specialists, what is your biggest challenge currently?

Drop in productivity because people aren’t working together in the office as they were pre-pandemic. We have plenty of collaboration tools, but nothing beats face-to-face communication.


If we were together “word of mouth” could spread more easily so I feel like being remote has exposed rather than created the problem.

The largest challenge is managing all our work. We either took on more than we can do, or working the way we are remotely is not as effective as we thought – or both. We are in back to back meetings all day – they start early and end late. We are all swamped, stressed, etc. I believe stress and not taking vacation the way we used to could be a contributing factor.

What I see as the upcoming challenge is the transition from working remote to going back to offices whether fully in office 5 days/week or a few days per week. Will be interesting to see impact on filling jobs.

I started this position last October, so haven’t met the team face to face yet!

Getting people to take their vacation allowance. It is needed for mental separation from work but not everyone realizes it.

I can’t help but wonder if we met in person would the dynamic be the same? I think not – I think people would get along better.

Extended work hours, 14+ hours working from home during the pandemic for a global company. Days start earlier, before 6 am, and never seem to end before 8pm or later. I miss the 2 hour commute into the city, at least the day ended naturally.