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At Clearmont Technologies, we know you have better things to do than sort through dozens of  resumes. We prefer to handpick 2-3 ideal candidates—who fit both the role and your organization—so you can interview, hire, celebrate and get back to business. Let’s get started.

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With 20+ years of expertise placing the right candidates, we will exceed your expectations at every step.

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From finding the right long-term employees to helping you find a consultant for short-term needs, we can find the right candidate for your company.

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Technology is always changing—yet the principles behind finding the right fit stay the same. At Clearmont, we merge these understandings. With 20+ years of expertise placing the right candidates, we will make the process easy, save you time, exceed your expectations and keep you coming back.

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She’s clearly got my interests at heart

“I have been an IT professional for over 30 years. In that time, I’ve worked with literally dozens of recruiters, perhaps more than 100 … a good recruiter works just as hard for you as for the client. I’ve only met a couple of recruiters I’d call really good; Jodi is one of them. She’s clearly got my interests at heart: she’s responsive, she follows through and follows up, but the bottom line is that she really cares … she made it easy to consider her a friend from the start, and that’s how she treats me: as a friend first and as one of her fortunate staff of consultants second.”

–Jon Pastor, Senior Data Analyst

It’s how to interview us to find out what we really need

“There is a difference working with Jodi. I think the experience talks. When she interviews me to find resources, it’s a different interview. She knows what she’s talking about. She asks the right questions. She analyzes it fast. She gives us resources that are very close to what we’re looking for. It’s experience, it’s knowing what to ask. It’s how to interview us to find out what we really need. There’s another thing too, it’s the history. She has experience with our company, it’s not just anywhere. It’s like everybody knows, Jodi. I think that familiarity is good, not only for us, but even for her. She knows the ins and outs of our department.”

-Director Help Desk Services

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