Jodi Mayer – President & Founder

I don’t cross my fingers and hope. I find the best.

I love matching the right candidate with the right job because it enables growth and progress for the company and the individual. I know that when we love our work—we get more joy out of everything else. With a direct, supportive, consultative approach, I make it happen. I’ve always been a natural connector.  I love getting to know people and understand them. It’s an honor that many people I’ve worked with on both sides of the job search spectrum have become friends.

When I’m not helping match the candidates to the right job, I enjoy traveling, skiing, and scuba diving with my family.

When it comes to connecting clients and candidates, my process is designed to:

  • Minimize surprises
  • Foster transparent communication throughout
  • Respect human nature, motivation and decision-making
  • Handle any bumps in the road with preparation

The best outcomes come from partnership. Your involvement is essential because the more we collaborate, the better the result will be. Ready for an efficient and enjoyable recruiting process? Let’s talk about how I can help.

Bonnie Brill

Job Coach

As a Recruiter for 14 years, I have conducted thousands of interviews across various industries and roles from Information Technology, Management and Administration. Working as a liaison between job seekers and clients has given me unique insight into the hiring process. Throughout my recruiting career, I have advised on conducting proactive job searches, networking effectively, and interviewing strategies to help job seekers get the positions they want.

I graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Education. I enjoy teaching and learning. I have instructed children in China both in English and Science in a virtual classroom environment. I’ve even picked up a little Chinese along the way.

In addition, I’m a busy mom, own a karate school with my husband, have a betta fish named Vanilla, and absolutely adore 80’s movies and music.

Cynthia Higgins

ITIL/ITSM Practice Lead  

My specialty is helping companies quickly identify areas of improvement, KPIs, SLAs and more. I’m a firm believer that the most important KPI for any company is always customer satisfaction.

I have over 30 years of experience developing and transforming support services and help desks in numerous industries, including legal, pharmaceutical, financial, insurance, government agencies, and entertainment, supporting as many as 30,000 end users.

I specialize in Service Desk Transformation, Continual Service Improvement, Quality Management while working within the IT Service Management, and ITIL frameworks.

I’ve helped remote teams in the United Kingdom, India, and Canada develop get-well plans, provide standard reporting for stakeholders, review of monthly reporting, and training.

My work for the Federal Government included serving as the Program Manager for a multimillion dollar contract to build an enterprise IT Service Desk for over 50,000 users to centrally support desktop and mobile hardware and software applications, as well as collaboration tools.

When I am not focused on transformation, coaching or project plans, I am a relentless child advocate, a lover of travel, jazz and an avid reader, and one who enjoys family time with my two daughters. On my bucket list, is the two step and learning to play the piano.

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