Inside the Hiring Manager’s Mind with Sravan Muthiraj, Ep #33

Join us for an insightful discussion with Sravan Muthiraj, a customer-obsessed product leader VP at a large financial services firm. Sravan shares his unique perspective as a hiring manager on navigating today’s work environment, drawing from his experiences leading multidisciplinary teams across design, data, product management, and technology. Explore strategies for effective storytelling in interviews, building supportive professional circles, and developing a strong personal brand.

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0:00:00 – The Power of Storytelling in Interviews

0:03:24 – Building a Circle of Mentors and Coaches

0:06:17 – Sravan’s Career Path

0:12:36 – Developing His Personal Brand “Beyond”

0:16:11 – Helping Others with Interview Preparation

0:19:39 – Connecting Stories to the Role You Want

0:25:55 – What Hiring Managers Look For

“The emotional intelligence part is very, very critical. That is what makes the connection with you and the hiring manager.” – Sravan Muthiraj

The Power of Storytelling

Sravan emphasizes the significance of compelling storytelling when interviewing, providing a structured approach to crafting impactful narratives that resonate with recruiters and hiring managers. He shares candid insights into common pitfalls and tips for focusing on the heart of the questions.

Building Your Professional Network

Discover Sravan’s philosophy on cultivating a supportive circle of mentors and coaches organically over time. He stresses the importance of nurturing these relationships through mutual sharing and growth.

Developing Your Brand Authentically

Through an intriguing process involving surveys of colleagues, Sravan found his personal brand “Beyond,” representing his penchant for future-thinking. Gain insights into articulating your authentic professional identity.

The Hiring Manager Mindset

Get a candid look into what hiring managers truly value when interviewing candidates. Sravan provides a rare window into their thought processes and offers advice for making lasting impressions.

Throughout this engaging conversation, Sravan advocates for maintaining a growth mindset and trusting in “the power of you” to control your direction. Don’t miss this insightful discussion filled with wisdom for navigating interviews and career journeys.


Sravan’s article, “What is between you and your best version?”  Read it here

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