Wisdom and Tips – TTT’s 2nd Anniversary with Bonnie Brill, Ep #26

To celebrate another remarkable milestone of the Tech Talent Today Podcast, host Jodi Kulek Mayer and Bonnie Brill recap on the stand-out moments from an impressive line-up of guests who so kindly shared their time, brilliance and nuggets of wisdom.

We’ve been talking to the best and brightest in tech and hearing their fascinating stories, from hacking to wine-making and everything in between. Tune in to listen to highlights from tech titans, including; Maryanne Spatola, Kirk Brote, Pat Rasile, Curt Smith, Caroline Firth, Amy Lackey, Rob Diamond, Mark Marshalek, Dave Zweier, Joe Vellaiparambil and Heather Fitzgerald. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in… 

  • What is the sweet spot for a hybrid workplace? [03.12]
  • Is the office now dead? [05.24]
  • Why companies need to trust their employees [06.36]
  • A trail tale of unlocking your passion [08.09]
  • The importance of building relationships in your career [10.07]
  • Kirk Brote reveals how to find out what your customers want [12.02]
  • Moving with the cheese: The value of soft skills in project management [14.59]
  • How managers are looking beyond the technical skills [17.02]
  • Bringing your whole authentic self to work [17.47]
  • The difference between criticism and critical thinking [18.28]
  • The never-ending last mile of a data-driven business [20.48]


Take Your Career To The Next Level

 With a focus on relationship building, soft skills, and problem-solving, this episode offers a wealth of advice and resources for professionals looking to elevate their careers. Jodi and Bonnie discuss the importance of seeing beyond technical skills and the power of soft skills, such as curiosity and comfort with uncertainty. Critical thinking, rather than criticism thinking, was also noted as a key attribute for problem-solving and driving better performance in the workplace. As the world adjusts to new ways of working, Jodi and Bonnie delve into the importance of trust within the workplace and uncover the sweet spot for the hybrid working model.

“It’s amazing to reflect on the last year and appreciate all the life lessons, personal stories, and fun surprises shared along the way. Here’s to the future of Tech Talent Today!” – Jodi Kulek Mayer

More Lessons from Tech Visionaries Coming Your Way

We are so excited to reveal that season three of Tech Talent Today is underway. Special guest Jim O’Hagan, career coach extraordinaire, will kick off the brand new season and will be dishing out valuable tips on igniting your confidence and landing your dream job. Subscribe to the podcast now to ensure you don’t miss out on the fantastic stories and life lessons from the top names in tech.

Season three is just around the corner, and trust us when we say you won’t want to miss it!

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How to Actually Grow into a Data Driven Culture with Joe Vellaiparambil



Achieving the Last Mile: How to Use Data Storytelling to Drive Decision-Making with Heather Fitzgerald




The Office is Dead. Now What? Maryanne Spatola



Trekking for Trevor:



Kirstie Brote, Love Lost on Cloud 9

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