Strategies and Solutions for Navigating the Post-Pandemic Workplace with Maryanne Spatola, Ep #24

Are companies that are forcing a return to the office losing talent? Since the unprecedented arrival of the global COVID-19 pandemic, how we work has completely shifted, forcing leaders to adapt to changing workplace dynamics and find ways to create connections in remote settings.

Maryanne Spatola, CEO and founder of C3 Talent Strategies joins Jodi to share her insights on how companies can navigate the new world of work post-pandemic. Drawing on her book “The Office is Dead. Now What?” Maryanne discusses the importance of leadership practices such as empathy, adaptability, and the ability to make decisions in the moment. She also shares tips on how companies can create an attractive workplace environment, retain talent, and build a positive company culture.

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  • An introduction to Maryanne Spatola [00:45]
  • The pathway to becoming an Author [02:00]
  • The polarization of in-person VS remote work [05:21]
  • Is the hybrid working model here to stay? [06:55]
  • Building and maintaining connections in a remote work environment [12:36]
  • The evolution of leadership and the challenges leaders face [16:40]
  • The workforce superpowers of empathy, communication and adaptability [19:48]
  • The key to attracting and retaining talent in this new working world? [27:17]
  • Maryanne’s parting thought: what is the right solution for your company and people? [31:10]

Many companies are still trying to figure out how to navigate their way through the pandemic and create a positive working environment. With practical advice and real-world examples, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to succeed in the new world of work.

My belief to this day is you can have the best strategy in the world, but if you don’t have a workforce that’s aligned, engaged, and enabled, you’re going nowhere. And so that’s what I do. In my organization, we have three main verticals.”– Maryanne Spatola.

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Book: The Office is Dead, Now What? By Maryanne Spatola

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