Why Small & Medium Businesses Should Use Outplacement Services



We’ll get right to the point. If you are a small to medium size business you may be doing your company a disservice by not offering outplacement services.

Large companies that are forced to lay off a percentage of their workforce use, and depend on, outplacement services to help exiting employee’s transition to new careers. They understand that helping separated staff is good for morale, and that it’s beneficial to their bottom line. Helping staff members who are being let go will come back full circle in the form of brand reputation, positive feedback, and most importantly trust from the employees that survive job cuts.

Small to Medium businesses can benefit the same way, if not more. Within these smaller organizations there is a bond that forms among employees. You could even call it a ‘family’ of sorts. When a worker leaves the company for the last time, not only is that employee wondering what will happen next, but the remaining staff will also feel a sense of loss saying good-bye to a work family member.

Providing Outplacement services creates good will, as it shows that you are sympathetic to the situation, truly interested in the well being of departing employees, and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone lands on their feet. Without this, in addition to the possibility of receiving bad reviews at online sites such as Glassdoor, your reputation can suffer within your community, and your remaining employees may lose trust that you have their backs.

In the end, using outplacement services is a win-win. Happier exiting employees, trusting survivors, and preservation of your brands character are all positives in a not so positive situation.

At Clearmont Technologies we are specialists in outplacement services. Our mission is to help you, as well as exiting employees, transition seamlessly and with a positive outcome for all involved. Contact us today to discuss your needs.