How Should I get Paid as a Consultant, W2 or Corp?

When working as a consultant, you must decide if you want to get paid on a W2 or if you want to incorporate. What are the important factors you should consider?

Bonnie Brill speaks with Jodi Kulek Mayer, a 25+ year IT Staffing Veteran and founder of Clearmont Technologies, an IT Staffing Firm and WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Over the years, Jodi has advised IT consultants on important considerations to answer this key question which has far reaching implications.

Episode Highlights:
00:23 – W2 or Corp what is the difference?
01:17 – What are the important factors?
01:32 – Health Insurance
01:53 – Retirement
02:54 – Taxes
03:39 – Payment
04:17 – Other Factors: Sick Time & Client Requirements
04:45 – Know Yourself, It’s Not One Size Fits All
05:17 – Contact Us