How Our Web Designer Automated a Complex System

How We Modernized & Automated An HR Self-Service Portal After Filling A Key Role In 10 Days

The Client & Our Intervention
The Employee Benefits Administration firm offers a service to employers that relies on an outdated software platform. Even though successful, the platform, internal processes, and methodologies relied on manual steps rather than genuine “person-agnostic” automation. 

In only 10 days following candidate submittal, we filled a critical role in this transformation process: A Web Designer, with the required unique set of skills that allowed a quick comprehension of user requirements, user experience, and end goal. The project was successfully developed and deployed within the deadline.

The Challenge: Eliminating Manual Processes
The main challenge was to re-think all the business workflows for the company. Many of the old processes had to be re-designed into a new automated version. On top of that, another critical challenge was reviewing dozens of legacy systems and mapping out the flow of information. Then, within each, detect which steps could be replaced with more modern tech, and which ones had to be removed entirely. This was captured in over 1,000 individual screens that represent user journeys across multiple transaction types, with a lot of complexity, variables and rules built into them.

The platform had to be redesigned into an automated, self-service system. To do that, we had to find a Web Designer with a particular set of skills. Since the platform is transactional and informational rather than focused on marketing, the designer’s main focus had to be on functional, usable, clear, and UX-friendly interfaces with great attention to detail.

The Solution: Clearmont’s Approach
After understanding the requirements of this project, we presented three candidates to the client. Ten days following submittal, the selected candidate started. By going beyond the written job description and identifying special traits for this task, we knew we had to find a UI designer who makes functional, clear, user-friendly designs. Curious, attentive to detail, and a great portfolio of complex apps were key attributes as well. Given the nature of this project, the chosen candidate would be added as a contractor.

The Results: Successful Project
✔ In 10 days, the client had our Web Designer kicking off discovery sessions.
✔ The Annual Enrollment and New Hire Processes were re-envisioned and re-designed.
✔ All manual and siloed processes were transformed into automated steps, without having to rely on a single person.
✔ New processes balanced the needs of the three main stakeholders: business, tech, and users.
✔ The final product is comprised of more than one thousand user journey screens, accounting for all transaction types, steps, and rules in the processes.