How Our SQL DBA Introduced Efficient Capacity Planning

At the onset, our client, an insurance firm, faced the dilemma of a Lead DBA who initially planned to relocate but changed their mind, leaving a key position unfilled. The client needed a hybrid role, someone proficient in SQL Server performance tuning, capable of deep issue analysis, and managing the MSP provider. 

The Challenge
1. Balancing hybrid work expectations.
2. The initial recruitment efforts by the client themselves faced hurdles, including unexpected dropouts due to misunderstood job expectations.
4. Uncovering the operational nature of the role not initially expressed.
5. The need for candidates with both strong technical and interpersonal skills.

Our Strategic Approach
Our team quickly identified three candidates, and one standout individual impressed during the interview process. The successful candidate showcased problem-solving skills, collaboration abilities, and articulated challenges effectively.

The Recruitment Journey
From submission to start, the entire process took 2.5 months, ensuring a timely and effective onboarding. The SQL DBA not only met but exceeded expectations, swiftly becoming an indispensable asset to the organization.

The Results
The manager, unsolicited, shared positive feedback, praising the new hire’s intelligence, work ethic, and problem-solving abilities. Notably, the SQL DBA introduced efficient capacity planning, addressing a longstanding issue for the organization. He also tackled technical debt challenges.

Thrilled with our success, the manager expressed interest in further collaboration, offering another role to fill based on the outstanding performance of our SQL DBA hire.

“This is something you can help with remembering you got us the SQL DBA and that was a knock it out of the park hire.”- Manager Storage, Backup & Database Services