How Our Helpdesk Technician Transformed Team Productivity

Today we’re switching things up from the usual tales of hunting down elusive candidates. We’re diving deep into a hiring experience that’s a bit different, focusing on the task of narrowing down candidates for a Senior Help Desk Technician role in a small team that needs some substantial engineering skills.

The Assignment: 

The task at hand was to identify a Senior Helpdesk Technician with engineering capabilities. The role encompassed managing endpoint tools, creating provisioning packages for diverse systems (Windows, Mac, iOS), scripting, providing helpdesk support, and automating manual processes.

The Challenge:

  • A deluge of unvetted resumes overwhelmed the hiring manager, hindering efficient candidate evaluation.
  • Lengthy processes resulted in the loss of potential candidates to faster-moving opportunities.
  • Lack of automation expertise within the existing team led to manual workflows, reducing helpdesk efficiency.
  • Role expectations surpassed the Helpdesk Technician title, causing salary and title misalignments with potential candidates.
  • Limited interview autonomy for team members impacted cohesive team dynamics.

The Solution: Contract-to-Hire Approach Opting for a contract-to-hire strategy addressed multiple challenges

  • Reduced emphasis on job titles, enabling a more flexible approach.
  • Streamlined hiring process, with a remarkable 32-day turnaround from submission to start.
  • Expanded interview participation to team members, fostering a collaborative hiring process.
  • Provided a trial period for both parties before committing to a full-time engagement.

The Results: The hired consultant exceeded expectations, proving to be a pivotal asset to the department

“It turns out that he is the pinnacle of this department. Wow! Hands down, he’s phenomenal. Without him, that team would not have been able to accomplish half the things that they were able to. If you present a problem to him, he won’t rest until he finds the solution. It’s a very innovative one, too.” -Director of the Help Desk

  • Innovative Problem Solving: The consultant successfully tackled device trust and exchange name policy issues deemed insurmountable by well-known vendors. Notwithstanding the suggestions, he delivered a solution within a day.
  • Process Automation: Implemented automation to replace manual workflows, enhancing team productivity.
  • Career Advancement: Recognizing our consultant’s contributions, he transitioned from a consultant to a full-time employee and achieved two promotions within two years.

“There is a difference working with Jodi.  I think that the experience talks. It’s knowing what to ask.  It’s how to interview us to find out what we really need.”_ -Director of the Help Desk