How Clearmont’s Kym Motley Started Her Non-profit to Support Seniors & Caregivers

When having a problem, if you think to yourself, someone should really do something about that… reflect on the fact that the person is probably you.

When Clearmont Consultant, Kym Motley, was caring for her mom, she recognized a problem and realized she was the person to fix it. Kym started a non-profit, Gladys Love Project, which helps seniors and caregivers feel beautiful, seen and loved with its Love Kits.

In this interview, Bonnie Brill, speaks with Kym about her journey, experience as a caregiver, and starting Gladys Love Project.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Meet Gladys [0:40]
  • About Gladys Love Project [3:45]
  • Advice for Friends & Caregivers [6:33]
  • Being Seen, Beautiful and Loved [10:40]
  • Forming a Partnership with Wickshire Senior Living [17:31]
  • Priorities & Teamwork [20:26]
  • Self Care, Gratitude & Finding Joy [26:17]
  • The Impact of Grandparents [33:13]
  • Get Involved with Gladys Love Project [34:56]