Assess Your Service Desk

With COVID-19 still at the forefront of current events, service desks are grappling with the increased challenge of maintaining a consistently high customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, meeting service level agreement (SLA) targets, and not drowning in a backlog of aging tickets.  Some have been forced to expand their service catalog, while others have had to hire remote staff to support employees who are now working from home.  Service desks have intensified their focus on remote tools, effectiveness, economy, and efficiency.  They must ensure they can deliver quality support to meet the unique demands of remote workers, both end users and technical staff, alike.  

Many factors adversely affect service desk performance and perceptions.  While being equipped with the right tools and team are important, it is not enough during a crisis that could forever shift service desk support to a remote model.  It is of utmost importance that, as this shift is made, whether permanent or temporary, the foundation of the service desk is solid and prepared for change and growth without sacrificing customer satisfaction.  To that end, the service desk needs to look within to discover areas of improvement.

By taking the short assessment below, we can help you identify current gaps in your service desk’s capability, processes, documentation, and accessibility. With that information in hand, we can show where to focus your improvement efforts.  As a result, issues such as delayed resolution time, low customer satisfaction and unfulfilled requests can be addressed and resolved quickly.

Our ITSM practice has the experience to quickly and efficiently identify challenge areas and opportunities for improvement.  Using a proven methodology we focus on four key areas:  identify requirements and goals, review as-is state, perform gap analysis and present findings and recommendations.

It does not have to be an arduous and uncomfortable experience, but rather one that will give you some insight and confidence in the future of your service desk.  Your service desk is the face of your IT department and often leaves a lasting impression.  Clearmont Technologies wants to be your partner as you transform your service desk to one that reliably produces value for your organization and all end users. 

Click the link below for the assessment.  We will contact you to learn more about your goals and discuss solutions for your service desk. 

About Cynthia Higgins, ITIL/ITSM Practice Lead

Cynthia has been helping companies quickly identify areas of improvement, KPIs, SLAs and more for over 30 years.  She believes the most important KPI for any company is customer satisfaction.