Unlock The Hidden Potential of Neurodiversity with Jeff Miller, Ep #30

Did you know that over 25% of today’s adult population is neurodiverse? And yet, many businesses continue to miss the opportunity to leverage this untapped talent pool fully. Joining us today is special guest Jeff Miller, proud CEO and founder of Potentia Workforce. Potentia is transforming organizations by enhancing their recruiting and retention metrics. This transformation is achieved through the utilization of the talents of skilled yet often overlooked neurodistinct individuals. Potentia employs their neurodiversity training and recruitment program, STARS, along with their workforce engagement and retention program, EMPOWER.

Throughout this discussion, we delve into Jeff’s personal understanding of neurodiversity. As the parent of an autistic teenager, Jeff embarked on a quest to comprehend how his son’s life would unfold as an adult. Jeff shares the remarkable return on investment that companies experience when hiring neurodiverse individuals, emphasizing that it extends beyond mere hiring. He guides us through the process of creating neurodiversity-friendly workplaces and highlights the tangible results in employee retention. Additionally, Jeff underscores the value of adopting a strength-based approach when onboarding talent. So, if you’re ready to elevate your business, hiring, and retention strategies, hit play now and unlock the power of neurodiversity in the workforce.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in… 

  • An untapped talent pool: Connecting organizations to neurodistinct talent [02.53]
  • How companies of all sizes can embrace neurodiversity at work [03.55]
  • The benefits of hiring neurodistinct candidates [05.30]
  • The importance of approaching neurodiversity programs with humility [10.24]
  • How to get connected to NDTC – Potentia’s Neurodiverse Talent Community [15.12]
  • Becoming an ND-friendly organization and the best interview practices for onboarding talent [17.37]
  • How neurodiversity is strengthening organizational cultures [25.00]
  • The strength base approach: Focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses [30.58]

“Every city in the world that we’ve seen so far has the same demographic challenge and opportunity, which is lots of underutilized, underserved, highly talented individuals who may not interview well in the traditional sense but could be great employees if you can figure out a way to recruit them, and to manage them effectively.” – Jeff Miller


Supercharge Your Organization (No Matter The Size) 

In this episode, Jeff paints a powerful picture of how organizations can supercharge their organization by leveraging a neurodiverse talent pool. Many companies across the globe continue to navigate their way through the “great resignation”, struggling to hire and retain employees. Yet, it’s revealed that neurodistinct employees have an impressive 96% average retention rate, making them a valuable investment for companies.

Jeff sheds light on the diverse motivations that drive companies to embrace neurodiversity. Larger companies aim to harness the power of diverse talents, while smaller companies seek solutions to pressing workforce challenges like recruitment and retention. As organizations strive to build diverse and inclusive workplaces, Jeff’s insights emphasize that regardless of a company’s size, embracing diversity is a powerful step forward, supported by a wealth of statistics and insights.

Seeing Beyond IT and Panel Interviews

Contrary to common assumptions, neurodistinct talent is not limited to IT roles. Potentia has successfully placed candidates in diverse fields such as marketing, HR, and banking. This highlights the immense potential of neurodivergent individuals and the need for companies to consider their abilities across various functions.

Did you know that many neurodiverse individuals often conceal their condition or hesitate to disclose it, driven by past negative experiences and fears of professional repercussions? To foster a neurodiversity-friendly environment, companies must take concrete steps. Jeff suggests a shift away from traditional panel interviews, which can heighten anxiety for neurodistinct individuals, in favor of mini projects that replicate work-related tasks. This approach not only provides a more accurate assessment of candidates but also cultivates a welcoming atmosphere, ultimately helping employers find the ideal role for each team member. Tune in to discover how you can create an inclusive and supportive workplace that maximizes neurodiverse potential.



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