Managing IT Talent in Hybrid Work with Luigi Pedalino, Ep #31

Join us for a dynamic conversation with Luigi Pedalino, VP of Product Delivery at a leading national insurance firm, as we delve into the complexities of managing IT talent in today’s ever-changing hybrid workplace. Luigi shares practical experiences and strategies for addressing challenges, from fostering camaraderie to ensuring effective training, in an era where traditional office settings are no longer the norm. We explore industry trends, the impact of office mandates on IT decisions, and the crucial role of human connection in remote settings.

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0:02:09 – Challenges of Remote Work
0:13:07 – Balancing Self-Interest and Community
0:21:53 – Empowering Women in Engineering
0:26:24 – Qualities and Success in Interviews
0:31:39 – Value of Formal Education
0:36:05 – Building Relationships in Hybrid Job Environment

 “I really think that what it comes down to is people generally don’t like conflict, and what I value is critical thinking. When you’re in a room and everyone is agreeing, you actually need to step back and ask yourself is this a good thing? And what I tell my staff all the time is I don’t need you to agree with me all the time. I actually want you to poke holes at my assumptions, because what I find is, when everyone is agreeing, it’s like they may be looking at one side of the problem”.
Luigi Pedalino

Adapting to the Hybrid Workplace

Luigi discusses how his team navigated the transition to flexible work arrangements, balancing the benefits of in-person interactions with the convenience of remote work. We tackle the emergence of diverse working styles, relationship dynamics, and the hurdles of mentorship in a digital communication landscape. 

Challenges and Opportunities in Remote Work

Explore the nuances of remote work and communication challenges in a text-heavy world. Luigi shares insights on the importance of in-person interactions, celebrating achievements, and fostering a sense of community. We touch on ‘proximity bias’ and its impact on career opportunities, along with the journey of training junior talent. 

Career Development and Lifelong Learning

Luigi emphasizes the importance of empathy and critical thinking in today’s hybrid work environment. We discuss qualities that make candidates stand out in the hiring process, workplace learning, and the significance of updating skills in a rapidly changing tech landscape. Gain insights into making successful connections when starting a new job remotely.


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