Create Opportunity by Embracing Risk and Failure with Sal Shaikh, Ep #27

Are you ready to decode the secret recipe for career success? Sal Shaikh, a man of many hats, is here to unveil all about taking risks, embracing failure and career growth. Sal Shaikh is the VP of Digital and B2B E-commerce Delivery for Covetrus in North America. Sal kindly unveils his guiding mantra of PIE (Performance, Image, and Exposure) and dives deep into how risk-taking, establishing a solid personal brand image, and seizing opportunities to display your hard work is pivotal to personal and professional growth.

Sal’s career has been an exciting amalgamation of roles across different industries. Throughout this episode, Sal candidly shares the importance of mentors, the value of a customer-centric approach, how he navigated the highs and lows of his professional pathway and how you can too. Sal also reveals how individuals can create opportunities for innovation and progress by carefully assessing risks and embracing failure as a learning opportunity. Sal’s story is captivating and enlightening, demonstrating the power of his mantra in shaping a successful career.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in… 

  • An introduction to Sal Shaikh [00.45]
  • Why everyone should seek out a business mentor [03.00]
  • PIE: Sal’s business mantra explained [03.34]
  • Be proactive and create time for self-evaluation [07.36]
  • The accidental path to mentorship [10.38]
  • The evolution of Sal’s career and transition to Coca-Cola during a recession [17.21]
  • Taking risks and embracing failure [24.30]
  • Embracing opportunities and making tough career decisions [28.59]
  • Career advice: Sal’s parting thoughts [41.18]


Experimentation and embracing failure are super important in order to grow. If you succeed, you learn something. But if you fail, you learn two things, not only how to succeed but also what not to do next time.” – Sal Shaikh.

A Serving of PIE

 Are you ready for the ultimate career advice to help you stand out in a competitive industry? In this episode, Sal serves up his PIE mantra (Performance, Image and Exposure), which has been the compass guiding him throughout his fascinating career journey. By implementing Sal’s advice, individuals will soar to success and thrive in the rapidly evolving business world.

Why Everyone Should Seek A Mentor

Have you considered seeking mentorship? Sal unpacks the value of having mentors throughout his career journey and advises individuals to seek mentors who align with their goals and leadership styles. By engaging in skip-level conversations and seeking feedback from mentors and peers, individuals can gain a broader perspective and create opportunities for growth. Sal also emphasizes the importance of delivering feedback to mentors and demonstrating how their valuable advice has been implemented.



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