Charting a Course for Women in IT with Vinti Luthra, Ep #32

Join us for a special celebration of International Women’s Day as we sit down with the remarkable Vinti Luthra, a tech industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, currently leading solution delivery and operations for a global imaging solutions firm. Listen in as Vinti shares her compelling journey from software developer to senior manager, reflecting on pivotal career moments, including her initial foray into tech against traditional expectations and her transition from hands-on coding to strategic business roles. As we stroll down memory lane, Vinti and I, friends for over 15 years, exchange anecdotes that showcase personal growth and the evolution of the tech landscape, especially for women carving out their paths in this dynamic sector.

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0:00:08 – Women Setting Expectations in Relationships

0:02:28 – Choosing Technology as a Career

0:08:11 – Work-Life Balance as Life Changes

0:13:09 – Choosing a Mentor

0:18:07 – The Changing Normal

“I asked for it to be a male mentor just because I always wanted to see their perspective, because I knew what women’s perspective was. I wanted to see from their point of view what women would need to do differently, or what we are doing differently, that we need to do similar to the majority people in workforce. So, I made a conscious choice to have a male mentor. “ – Vinti Luthra

This conversation is not just a walk through Vinti’s career but also an exploration of the broader issues facing women in tech today. Tune in as we discuss the unexpected downturn in women’s participation in STEM fields and how the pandemic has reshaped the work-life equation, presenting both hurdles and new avenues for women in the industry. Vinti’s advice to women eyeing a future in IT is underscored by the dynamic nature of tech careers, the potential for work-life harmony, and the rewarding financial opportunities. Our reflection on International Women’s Day rounds out the conversation, focusing on the necessity for honesty and assertiveness in professional settings, and the transformative power of mentorship. Don’t miss this inspiring dialogue that celebrates and advocates for women’s achievements and continuous progress in technology.


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