A Simple Tool that Promotes Happiness

During freshman year at college, my sister called my mom and complained, “Nobody helps you here!”  My mom said, “If you want to find a helping hand, look at the end of your own arm.”

In the spirit of helping myself during these trying times, I have turned to The Five-Minute Journal to stay positive and productive.

The Five-Minute Journal asks you three morning questions designed to instill gratitude, set purpose for your day, and create empowering beliefs. When you start your morning off on the right foot, days actually seem to go by smoother.

You can find The Five-Minute Journal on Amazon.

Why am I loving this journal right now?

It really only takes 5 minutes.

Running my business, making sure my son is not playing video games during school time, and finding toilet paper is very time consuming.  Anyone, including me, can find 5 minutes to fill it out.  And, it is really worthwhile to spend a few minutes on my mental health.

It starts my day in a positive mind frame. 

Even if I wake up on the “wrong side of the bed,” writing 3 things I am grateful for helps me realize how lucky I am.

It helps me focus on productive to-dos that are in my control.  

The journal asks, “what would make today great?” I write down 3 things to accomplish for the day, such as writing this article. Check!

During the day, I notice good moments to write in my journal.

The elusive peanut butter was finally delivered!  The joy of “seeing” my clients and consultants with Zoom.  My son independently doing his schoolwork.  Previously these did not even register on my radar but are now noted, appreciated, and enjoyed.

It gives me a chance to do even better tomorrow.  

“How could I have made today better?”, the journal asks. I reflect on my day and decide what I would have done differently.

Since, I’ve been writing in my Five-Minute Journal, I’ve felt happier, come to better accept our present situation, and gotten more done.

I’m also limiting the news I watch.  I know what’s going on, and most of it is bad.  Why rub it in?

What are you doing that’s helping you?