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At Clearmont Technologies, we know that your job is your livelihood. It affects you and your family. It impacts every area of your life. It has the ability to create confidence, financial growth, and yes, even happiness and fulfillment.

Our passion is finding you the right opportunity that fits with your personality, your skills and your goals so you can progress with confidence, conviction and comfort.

Whether you’re seeking a full time job or consulting role, Clearmont founder, Jodi Kulek Mayer is a sounding board and an honest voice-of-reason throughout the entire process.

Job Search Consultation

You don’t have to go it alone. If you’ve hit a roadblock, or need fresh, new strategies or if you’ve been employed at the same company for many years and suddenly find yourself looking for a new job, you may want to meet with our Job Coach to develop a personalized plan for you.

Our Job Coach, Bonnie Brill has over 14 years of experience helping professionals find new jobs. She has advised, coached and developed strategies and partnerships with IT consultants and employees to help them get the job they want.

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“I have worked with dozens of recruitment professionals over the last 28 years. Bonnie is rare find in the recruiting world. Her recommendations and instincts are spot on. Bonnie’s knowledge, honesty and enthusiasm speaks volumes. A true professional and delight to work with.” – Glenn Yankow, IT Director Web Security

To understand more about what we do, read these candidates’ feedback.

Full-time employees we’ve placed say:

As a person who works in the IT industry, I receive communications from recruiters on a daily basis; they all seem the same. With Jodi and her firm, for the first time, I felt like Jodi was sincerely concerned that the position would meet my needs and not just the requirements of the company. She was looking for excellent fit for both parties.

On the surface, this may to some skeptical candidates seem as making an effort, but the true effort showed when I was further along in the interview process. She followed up and specifically asked me about the concerns and goals I had with this new role. These are specific areas that Jodi and I discussed early in the process, that she took notes on and then followed up with. I felt like she really was concerned with me as a person and not just a position fill.

She never rushed me to make decisions, she touched in on a regular basis and really made me feel a true connection to her and her company, and above all a sense of trust. These traits and characteristics, I have yet to see from any recruiter or from any recruiting agency.

If you are contacted by Jodi from Clearmont, take the call or reply to the email and hear them out; I almost didn’t. They are not your typical recruiter call or email and really want to make sure your needs are met. I am thankful to have replied to their call and appreciate the hard work Jodi put into the process of transitioning me to this new role. Jodi does genuinely care and will assist you in finding your next position.

-Steve Bouffard, Sr. Infrastructure Engineering Specialist

“It’s with full confidence that I recommend Jodi to fulfill your recruiting needs. Whether you’re a prospective employer looking to hire, or a job candidate seeking a new opportunity, I’m certain you’ll find her professional, reliable, and a pleasure to deal with.”

-Jon Gottlieb, Product Manager at FragranceNet.com

“Jodi was instrumental in my placement in my current role with ESRB. She identified me as a strong candidate for a very broadly-defined position, prepared me for the interviewing process, kept me informed of the progress of the requisition, and followed up with me after I took the position to ensure it was a good fit. I have now been with ESRB for a year and the fit is amazing, I have found the position challenging and fulfilling, and ESRB is thrilled with my contributions. I can’t thank Jodi enough for a fantastic match!”

-Christine McCarthy, Senior Software Developer

“Jodi Mayer helped me with her fantastic recruitment experience to land a position in a trading firm in New York that was very different from my previous jobs. Her coaching and advice to me for every stage of recruitment, from interviews, offer process, salary negotiations, and relocation procedure was invaluable. I truly believe that Jodi had a very significant role in smoothing my hiring process. She was always reachable to listen to any issues along the way and convey them to her client…Jodi also helped me in my relocation process which was not her responsibility. She introduced me to her real estate agent and gave me advice about living in a new city. Jodi is not only very professional and organized but also friendly and kind. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to have a smooth and stress-free hiring process.”

-Shahin F., FPGA Engineer

Consultants we’ve placed say:

“I have been an IT professional for over 30 years. In that time, I’ve worked with literally dozens of recruiters, perhaps more than 100 … a good recruiter works just as hard for you as for the client. I’ve only met a couple of recruiters I’d call really good; Jodi is one of them. She’s clearly got my interests at heart: she’s responsive, she follows through and follows up, but the bottom line is that she really cares … she made it easy to consider her a friend from the start, and that’s how she treats me: as a friend first and as one of her fortunate staff of consultants second.”

–Jon Pastor, Senior Data Analyst

“A heartfelt THANK YOU to Jodi Mayer for literally taking care of me every step of the way. I cannot name a single person with whom I have worked that has extended such conscientious care for a contractor. Throughout all of my hurdles and triumphs, you were there. I will never forget you.

-Sonya Jones, Oracle SOA Consultant

“I am writing to highly recommend Jodi for her exceptional skills and caring nature as an IT recruiter. I have the pleasure of working with her and she went above and beyond in matching my skillset with a fantastic company.

From the very beginning, Jodi displayed a deep understanding of the industry and a keen eye for identifying the perfect fit. She took the time to thoroughly comprehend my qualifications and career aspirations, resulting in an interviews with a company that aligned perfectly with my skillset and goals.

What truly sets Jodi apart, however, is her remarkable compassion and willingness to help others in times of despair.

Jodi possesses a rare blend of professional expertise and genuine empathy, making her a true asset in the field. Her dedication to her work and commitment to helping candidates is truly remarkable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jodi to anyone seeking a skilled, caring, and exceptional IT recruiter. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure a perfect match between candidates and companies while providing unparalleled support throughout the process.”

Christopher Fox, Microsoft Engineer

Recently lost your job?

Download our free “Job Transition Checklist” to stay on top of everything you should do as you move into the next step of your career.
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