Work with us. You’ll see the difference.

Whether you need the right IT consultant or employee technology specialist, you’ll find that our unique approach delivers. At Clearmont Technologies, we believe:

  • Filler resumes are a waste of time—and we know your time is valuable. Very few people actually fit the role and have the potential to become a successful member of your organization. At Clearmont, we clear away the clutter to protect your time.
  • Your corporate culture matters. Job descriptions really don’t tell the whole story. We get the full-picture to achieve the best placement.
  • Digging deep is mandatory. We‘re not going to repeat the same mistakes others have made in finding a candidate. As we work together, we learn specifically what you want. We dig deep to get real answers.
  • The candidate you need is (most likely) not actively searching. Searches of job-seeking databases don’t work because most often, the person you’re looking for is already employed elsewhere—considering change—and in need of a tangible reason to make the leap.
  • Confidentiality is often necessary. In many cases, you don’t need the whole world knowing that you’re looking to fill a particular position. We use complete discretion during our search process.
  • Relationships are most important. We are transparent. We’ll tell you what’s going on with a candidate. We’ll tell you if we have any concerns and let you decide.
  • Preboarding & Onboarding programs to complement yours. We turn successful candidates into successful employees/consultants.

Ready to see the difference at Clearmont? Let’s work together.