I don’t cross my fingers and hope. I find the best.

I love matching the right candidate with the right job because it enables growth and progress for the company and the individual. As a mom and wife, I know that when we love our work—we get more joy out of everything else. With a direct, warm, yet no-nonsense approach, I make it happen. Yes, I have been called a 5 foot tall Pitbull. The truth is, I’ve always been a natural connector. I can’t help it. I love getting to know people and understand them. It’s an honor that lots of my clients have become friends.

When I’m not helping companies find the right candidates, I’m arranging playdates for my son, and finding nannies, realtors and plumbers for my friends. My husband says I’m his own personal Angie’s List. I can’t help it; I’m a natural connector!

When it comes to connecting clients and candidates, my process is designed to:

  • Minimize surprises
  • Foster transparent communication throughout
  • Respect human nature, motivation and decision-making
  • Handle any bumps in the road with preparation

The best outcomes come from partnership. Your involvement is essential because the more I know, the better the result will be (and the more fun we’ll have)! Ready for an efficient and enjoyable recruiting process? Let’s talk about how I can help.